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Taylor seeks to capture images often seen but taken for granted by the busy urban dweller or casual passerby, perhaps through a different point-of-view or under a different light.

What started as a penchant for observation which turned to hobby, Taylor now shares his profession with those who share his love of nature and urban landscapes.

Taylor’s first ventures in art came as an early teen where he recognized his fondness for imagery via landscape oil paintings. Having tabled his artistic endeavors due to the rigors of early adulthood, Taylor rediscovered his passion for art through his recreational travels, but later, through the eye of a camera.

After honing his skills in recent years through formal coursework and through trial and experimentation, Taylor has become a student of his craft by learning the history of photography as well as its latest advancements and innovations, through techniques such as “tilt-shift” photography and the latest photo-edit software.

Born in Southern Illinois in 1969, Taylor now resides in Chicago, arguably one of the greatest cities in the world to feed his lens thanks to its vast commercial, industrial, green space and waterfront environments. While he currently captures most of his images in and around Chicago, continue to visit the site as Taylor broadens his skills and travels.

We hope you enjoy your stay…

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